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Friday, November 18, 2005

Little Known History

In 1915 an Englishman named John Avery Smithson sailed to a small Island in the Pacific. His intent was to find a relative nation of the Easter Island peoples. When his boarding craft made it to the beach he was greeted by an indigenous tribe who had never seen a white man. They called themselves the "Papugooki" which translated means "Those who eat bananas because they're tasty".
Wanting to impress the chief, Smithson decided to offer him a gift. The only thing he had brought with him was a kazoo, his research papers on the Easter Islanders, and a notified. He gave the chief his kazoo and taught him how to hum into it to create delightful tunes. The chief was very impressed with the instrument but things quickly turned bad for Smithson. The chief had his guards seize Smithson's mates (one of whom was Smithson's son) and hold them hostage. He demanded a kazoo for each member of the tribe within 6 months or they would sacrifice the mates to their deity Gurugooki ("He who provides bananas to eat because they are tasty").

Smithson left the island in a panic and sailed for the port of Hong Kong which was the largest port nearby. Smithson procured the 3,515 kazoos from a local trader but had to give all his gold and livestock in return.

He returned to the island in 5 months and presented the kazoos. The chief was very happy and had his guards release the hostages. After distributing kazoos to the tribe the chief allowed Smithson to remain on the island as long as he wanted to.

Years passed and Smithson died. His fellow mates decided it was time to leave and bid the tribe farewell.

On December 15th, 1975 a Cargo ship, blown off course by a typhoon, anchored near the island.
It was the first time in 60 years that foreigners had set foot in the land of the Papugooki. The crew of the ship was greeted at the beach by a serenade of 3,000+ kazoos playing the Papugooki National Anthem "Welcome, would you care for some tasty bananas".

Today you can see the Papugooki on their critically acclaimed international musical tour "3,000 kazoos and some tasty bananas".


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