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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Name Tags

Why do we wear them?

I guess the response from experts would be that 'they facilitate rapport by offering an immediate familiarity". I don't buy it.

First off - do you really care that the kid checking you out at the grocery store is named Chris?
Do you make a note of it when you leave so you can perpetuate that little bond you built with him on aisle 3? Do you see him 2 weeks later at the movie theater and say "Hey Chris, how've you been?"? When you're engaged in conversation with a salesperson at Best Buy or Wal-Mart do you even look at their name tag? If so, do you actually call them by name during the exchange? Most people do not. If you look at the name tag don't you keep doing so because you keep forgetting their name during the 1 1/2 minutes your dealing with them.
When your waiter introduces themselves are you relieved that they will be 'taking care of you this evening'? You've forgotten their name before they're back with your drink order.

I have a friend who loves to call people by their names when he sees a name tag. But don't let him fool you. He doesn't really give a weasels balls about their name - he just figures since they want him to know their name he'll us it as often as possible as long as they're in his presence. Amusing, but beyond the intent of the name tag.

Why do people bother putting their name on a name tag when it's near impossible to say? 'Hello my name is Shaleyqua'. Your name is what?? Shal - i - quay, shal - a - kwa ....... "It's Shal-ee-kwa" - So why not put the phonetic version of that embarrassment!? How many vowels were your parents trying to pawn off on you. Go get a real name.

Here's a thought. If people are going to wear tags of some kind they should bear information I can use.
today's forecast: Partly Sunny
Steelers 21, Patriots 7
A Tomato is a fruit
Put old Lemons in your disposal to cut down the funk

I would actually say "thank you" and mean it if I learned a little something at the 7/11.

Maybe they could put personality traits on there. I couldn't care less if your name is Barb, but I'd be pleased to see "Bitchy before noon". Or " I snore". Or "I put-out".
If I walked into a singles bar with a tag on that said "I make 100K" I wouldn't need a name. "I enjoy Kayaking" would be a good tag - at least it may strike up an interesting conversation. In general I don't like people to know me or my name. I'd have to wear someone else's name - and if I don't like them I'll include their address and Social Security Number as well.


Blogger Dr. Metal said...

I met a young woman today by the name of Anne. She has apparently been working at the Kmart for 3 years. Very polite and personable. I used her name twice today and it seemed to bring a smile to her little face. I think name tags will stay.

4:27 PM  

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