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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

State Symbols - Who decides

The other day I was enjoying a glass of cold milk during lunch when a friend informed me that it was our state (Virginia) beverage. State Beverage? I didn't know states have 'state beverages'. After some research I found that there really is no particular template that a state works from to name a 'state' this or 'state' that. Some states, like Virginia have 10 or so 'state' things while others could have dozens.
That got me thinking - who, exactly, decides to name something a 'state' something. And Why?

Here in Virginia we have:
State Bird: Cardinal
Dog: American Foxhound
Insect: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Fish:Brook Trout
Shell: Oyster
Flower: American Dogwood
Tree: American Dogwood
Fossil: suspected Jeffersonian
Beverage: Milk
Boat: Chesapeake Bay Deadrise
Dance: Square Dance

So why stop there? It seems kinda odd to name a state fossil, boat, and dance. Why not a state car, cloud, or sexual position. STATE SEXUAL POSITION: DOGGY STYLE. That would look great on a post card. Or how about STATE EATING UTENSIL: FORK. Or STATE MARSUPIAL: OPOSSUM - ok, that's kinda unfair being that it's the only one. or STATE ROAD RAGE EPITHET: COCKSUCKER. Alabama has a state nut, the Pecan. Here we would have STATE NUT: JOHN THORNTON (a guy I know). How about STATE DEGENERATIVE NERVE DISEASE: FRIEDREICH'S ATAXIA. STATE GRAMMATICAL MARK: TILDE.

I think I'll make a list of proposed 'state' things and mail it to my governor. Maybe he can do something about it.


Blogger Dr. Metal said...

This sounds like a blog entry that should've been written from a guy I know in Massachusetts. The state bird in Mass. is the black capped chickadee. It makes a "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" sound. It's onomatopoeic.

8:07 PM  

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