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Thursday, November 10, 2005

To Be a Scourge

I would very much enjoying being a scourge, bane, or even a curse. When you read through history, every major figure had one. The problem is it must take a lot of passion and activity to be a scourge, both of which I have little. In my quest to be a scourge I figured we first need to identify the necessary qualities.
The other day I was laying on the couch watching football. It was a great game - Miami vs. Virginia Tech. As Miami beat the #3 ranked Hokies I found myself wondering if this kind of ass whipping would qualify Miami and a "scourge" to Virginia Tech. But to be considered a scourge one must display repeated run-ins with your rival and victory must go, at least 50% of the time, to the scourge or else they wouldn't really be a scourge. Just a foe. And a foe is not really a scourge unless the opponent fears or has a chance of loss to it. For Example: White men were a scourge to Native Americans. There were repeated run-ins and the Native Americans feared them and usually lost. Then again, most of the Native American tribes were continuously fighting each other for territory therefore they were scourge to each other. There's another complexity. One can have a scourge and be a scourge at the same time. And you don't necessarily have to be a scourge to the party who is your scourge.
What makes people so pre-occupied with someone else that the become a scourge. Political power, religion, greed, jealousy....... None of these apply to me but I do desire to be a scourge. Just for the sake ot it. Think of how pure a scourge can be when there is no underlying ambition or goal. No raw emotion to get in the way of planning and implementing processes which will be detrimental to your opponent.
There must also be levels of scourge. Everyone's heard of an arch-rival or arch-enemy. The term 'arch' used as a prefix or adjective means "first, chief, highest, most extreme". So an opponent can have multiple scourges yet have one which is 'arch' or first. For example, during WWII Europe had two scourges - Germany and Italy. Germany was the "archenemy" since they had the majority of the power, force, and political prowess. Italy, while being a scourge to the people of Europe, was really just Germany's bitch.
to be continued.......


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