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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Today was fraught with cliches

To add on to a previous post - I heard these atrocities today during a single 30 minute conversation with 2 people:

(italicized parts from www.wordorigins.org)

pardon my French- vas te faire encule, paure con
For lack of a better word- 'The OED2, the largest English-language dictionary, contains some 290,000 entries with some 616,500 word forms.Of these, about 200,000 words are in common use today. An educated person has a vocabulary of about 20,000 words and uses about 2,000 in a week's conversation.' So next time just say "Since my vocabulary sucks I'll just pick a word I think may be somewhat related to what I really mean."
six of one half dozen of the other - how about "same thing"
the whole 9 yards - This phrase is of unknown origin and is the subject of some debate. At issue is to what does nine yards refer. The meaning is clearly the entirety or everything, but nine yards is not a significant measure of anything. All we know about its origin is that the phrase cannot be traced any earlier than the mid-1960s and that it is American in origin. - Leave it to us Americans to invent irrelevant terminology.
Burning the midnight oil. - Are we in the fucking 19th century? Does anybody use an oil burning lamp for household illumination anymore? Can't we just say 'worked late' or 'Stayed up late'?
screw the pooch- Ok, I kinda like this one. The original expression was 'fuck the dog'. I think I'll start using the original - has a much better bite to it.
bad hair day - how about 'sloppy hygiene'?
Give it the ol' College Try - I didn't try very hard in college - so don't give it my College Try.
It's a small world - The earth has an area of 57,268,900 square miles. Does that sound small to you? If you keep running in to the same people how about getting out of your socially assigned environment for a while.
Happier than a pig in shit - Another one I kinda like. Have you ever seen a pig in shit? They are quite happy! I noticed it on my last trip to the petting zoo. P.S. Never pet a pig who has been in shit.


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