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Friday, February 24, 2006

Review of In Flames show - another post for my metal friends

I saw In Flames, Devildriver, and Trivium last night at the Norva.

Vastly different from the Nile show. The Norva was almost filled to capacity - about 1400 people or so - a good 10 times that of the Nile show. The sound was phenomenal again - apparently the Norva invested huge into a state-of-the-art sound sytem for large club venues and it is paying off. I have never heard metal played with such clarity at high volumes. Usually it sounds like loud static pulsating with the drum kicks, but not at the Norva.

Devildriver was excellent live - damn excellent - they put on a killer show, moved about the stage like pros, and their playing was tight. Their singer reminds me of a Heavy Metal David Lee Roth for some reason - not in looks but in the way he works the stage and audience. At one point they whipped up a circle pit about 40 ft in diameter. It was huge. They guys on the outside were sprinting to keep up with the rotation. Their music was good to. They had a really cool song and they played it 10 times. By the 4th time I was sort of tired of it but by the 7th it grew on me again. I'm not all that familiar with their work so I didn't recognize much - except for 1 or 2 songs I downloaded.

Trivium - also excellent live. I had never heard of these guys before last night. They're on Roadrunner records (so is Devildriver). Trivium was a perfect mix of 80's thrash, Metal Core, Death Metal, Rock, and Crossover (80's). You get a little of everything with them. I plan on acquiring their album immediately. I just hope it's as good as they came across live. If it is they could become one of my new favorites. The playing was precise, the showmanship was excellent, and the crowd was into them.

In Flames - Professionals. These guy's set was perfect. Maybe the best sound I've ever heard live (except Ander's was a little low in the mix - but that's usually not a terrible thing). After 15+ years of touring these guys have it down pat. Anders wore a short sleeved button up with a tie - and it seemed to work for him. They opened with a blistering rendition of Pinball Map. I remember these songs: Scorn, Colony, Clayman, System, Trigger, F(r)iend, the Quite Place, Leeches, Take this Life, and Scream. They played 2 off of Jester Race too but I can't remember which ones.

Random show notes:
* The old school pit is back. Plenty of circle pits with little fist banging. As the devildriver singer said "no fist banging, kick boxing bullshit - if that's your style- it's my pit - get the fuck out"
* When 800 people start doing the bounce up and down thing it takes approximately 17 seconds for them to get in unison. Yes, I timed it - 3 times. Trivium was big on the bouncing thing for 1 particular song for some reason - they promoted the circle pit most of the time though.
* There were older people there than me.
* Someone had their 7 (approx) year old boy there - kudos.
* In Flames has a rodie they call 'the Buddha'. The crowd recognized him and gave him a lot of cheers and hand horns. He's huge as you could imagine. They even cheered the monumental plumbers butt he proudly displayed.
* Anders said the new album was so good we should buy 2 and he should know because he has 10. I like a little humor from my metal bands.

Next is Every Time I Die in March. Or maybe Black Dahlia Murder - haven't decided on that one.


Blogger Dr. Metal said...

I was thinking today of the Arch Enemy/Nevermore show upstairs at the Palladian. That was a good one. I really liked "Battle Angels". One of my favorite all time metal memories.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Buckminster Skeeter said...

That was a good one. Same album tour for Nevermore as the Merciful show, I think.

6:34 PM  

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