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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some metal quotes I find thought provoking

1) "It's not how it looks unless you saw nothing" - Every Time I Die, Apocalypse Now and Then

2) "Quarter Pounder, Big Mac, Fillet 'O Fish and fries.... it doesn't matter what you order, everybody dies." - Coven, McDonaldland Massacre

3) "I'll just have wheat thins and beer. If I get sick, the toilet is near" - S.O.D., Milk

4) "Read, what is written on the silent mouth. What is written in the soul. For which is written in the shining silence...We all have to read" - In Flames, Embody the Invisible

5) "Suckled at the teat of the she-wolf..... I was born by the light of the gibbous moon" - Angel Corpse, WolfLust

6) "Someone's sitting in a field, Never giving yield. Sitting there with gleaming eyes, Wating for big pumpkin to arise." - Helloween, Halloween

7) "Over the river and through the woods to Grandma's House of Babes" - Scatterbrain, Grandma's House of Babes

8) "Bloody hypertrophy of papillae.. spewing urethritis like urticaria... Septicaemia filled dermis... scorched by acidic uric nocturia." Carcass, Manifestation On Verrucose Urethra

9) "You got the beer - We've got the time. You got the coke - Gimme a line!" - Tankard, Alcohol

10) "Alcohol and sluts, Pull me from my ruts ,Second only to the attraction." Overkill, Use Your Head


Blogger mugwump said...

I like #4. I looked up the song to read the lyrics in entirity- they're good.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Dr. Metal said...

I like #5. For I, too, was suckled at the teat of a she-wolf.

5:58 AM  
Blogger mugwump said...

Thanks for the laugh Dr. Metal, I need it more than you know. By the way, I've been meaning to tell you if that was you posting comments a few entries back (starting with The Obese, I think) writing under anonymous using broken English and telling Bucky how great his blog is, then you are an absolute genius and I worship you. But I also think it could have been Bucky. (Don't either of you disappoint me by telling me it wasn't one of you - it's too good. One of you should claim it).

9:39 AM  
Blogger Buckminster Skeeter said...

Mug, when you see "anonymous" comments look for links within them - as in the "Obese" one you refer to. There's a link to some other site - these are computer generate 'responses' to blog entries sent out in mass. Wasn't me or Dr. metal. Sorry. I didn't catch that one. I get them every now and then but usually delete them so you probably miss them most times.

8:21 PM  
Blogger mugwump said...

I guess that could be true - or either you just have a really goofy Chinese friend that you now regret giving your blog address. I mean, I do kiss your ass but I retain some degree of dignity. I thought I told you not to disappoint me by filling me in on the technical info - ignorance is bliss. So is denial.

8:34 AM  
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