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Monday, June 19, 2006

Winding Down from a Metal Show

Here's the problem: 20 beers, 1 shot of Wild Turkey, and 1/2 a party favor make for a blurry night. As I think back on the Slayer, LOG, Mastodon, COB show on Saturday night it's like trying to remember a movie that was watched on fast forward. I can clearly remember several things about the show. I hardly remember most things about it. It's not that I was "blackout" kind of wasted either. I remember the entire timeline just not the specifics. I keep getting little pictures in my head of things that must have happened but I don't really recall. What bothers me is that there seem to be some memories which I recall, but I'm positive that they did not happen. For instance, I seemingly remember Slayer playing In A Gadda Da Vida. They did not play it - yet there's a piece of my brain which tells me they did. Then again I know (from the set list) that they played Seasons in the Abyss - but I don't remember a single note of it. Perhaps that was while I was in line for a beer or in the bathroom pressing a cold compress to my bleeding head - from a pit wound. That's another thing I have little recollection of - getting whacked in the head, hard. I remember a pool of blood in my hand but not how it happened. That's the nature of a pit though - bodies flailing in all directions - you never know where the hit will come from. For the most part I was trying to stay out of the meat of the pit. I was hanging around the right hand edge cause the sound was really good there. Every now and then the pit would expand or get whipped into a frenzy and suddenly the spot where I was standing is now in the middle of the pit. Anyways, I'll live. Back to the memories. I thought for a while on this while waiting in the airport - am I disappointed that I don't remember much about the show? I came to the conclusion that I am not. Here's why - I can think back to all the shows I've seen when I was NOT completely shit faced and, surprise, I don't remember that much detail about them either. No more so than a television show I saw once - 2 years ago. So maybe it's not so bad to not have a firm recollection of the performances. Even the shows I remember as being my all time favorites - for example Nevermore/Mercyful Fate in '99 or '00. I remember vague images - what sticks to me is remembering the feeling I had - knowing that the sound was awesome, that they played flawlessly- I don't actually remember any of this - but I remember thinking it.
Dr. Metal made the comment that he may go to another city to see the same show - this time sans the alcohol poisoning. I'll bet that if he does it will take only 6 months or so before that whole show becomes a hazy memory as well. Ask him some specifics about Monty Python's Life of Brian, I can attest to the fact he has seen it at least 10 times - in full. He won't remember half of it of the top of his head. So how could he remember specifics about 1 concert? Even without the booze. See my point. I'm not picking on Dr. Metal, just as an example. I think everyone's mind works kind of the same. So it doesn't really matter how wasted you get as long as you have some memory of the event - it would be a waste of money, time, and booze if you remembered absolutely zero. That would suck. At least I know I was there. I remember some riffs. I remember $35 t-shirts, long beer lines, slippery stairs, rockin songs, blazing solos, a lot of kids wearing black as usual. I do not recall seeing one single security guard, come to think of it. Or a cop. A memory that is still intact is one that took place the latest in the evening - me standing on the sidewalk outside a little bar - Dr. Metal trying to convince me that no one in the bar would notice the gaping headwound I had or my blood soaked shirt. Of course we both knew they would. But the beauty is in carrying on as usual - what? No blood soaked shirts here. What head trauma?


Blogger mugwump said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I guess what I miss most about concerts is the groping tonguing, hair pulling, etc. Seems like I was the only one of my female friends that enjoyed it. In fact, I was insulted if I didn't get felt up a few times.

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