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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Metal World Will Never Be The Same

Today is a sad day for me. The Heavy Metal world has lost a band who was at the forefront of their genre. Masters of the 3 chord riff, perpetuaters of the blue jean jacket, kings of metal cheese - Goat Horn has called it quits. Yes - Jason Decay, Brandon Wars, and Steel Rider will no longer carry the metal world on their shoulders. Seldom have 3 talented rockers crafted such metallic masterpieces as Rotten Roll, Wasted Warrior, or Right Heavy Metal. These guys have been an inspiration..... A driving force.... A divine gift of metaldom in a time when every band plays the same metalcore or death metal. Goat Horn re-animated the sound of metal powerhouses such as Saxon, Raven, King Kobra, and Anvil. What will the rock world be like without these guys?

Jason Decay describes the breakup as "sort of like breaking up with a really hot girlfriend that you love banging, but deep down inside you know you're not right for each other and you don't like the person she is or the person you have become." And Mr. Decay would know. Take one look him and you can tell he has bagged a lot of women in his career.

On the brighter side, Jason Decay will continue to raise the bar as a singer and bass player in his newly formed band Cauldron. It promises to "continue down the Goat Horn path", according to Mr. Decay. I can't wait for the first release. I may actually camp out at Best Buy so I can be the first one to get the new CD.



Buckminster Skeeter
president, Goat Horn Fan Club

p.s. NOTE: It's just not a REAL Heavy Metal photo without the half loaf of wheat bread on the mini fridge behind the band!


Blogger mugwump said...

I would definitely shag the singer/bass player, then I'd make him a nice bologna sandwich.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Dr. Metal said...

I'm deeply saddened by this horrendous loss. How will we all be the same. Rotten Roll forever!!

5:12 AM  

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