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Monday, August 28, 2006

Quipper Types

Quipper: One who quips on a fairly regular basis, for better or worse.

Insipid Quipper: One who quips regularly but is unimaginative or dull.

Witty Quipper: One who quips regularly with timely, relevant, and inspired witticism.

Quipless Wonder: One who never, ever contributes a quip.

Anti-Quipper: One who not only never quips but gets offended easily and argues factual legitimacy of a quippers quips.

Rebound Quipper: One who quips, but only after, and in response to, a more experienced quippers quip.

Missing Quipper: One whose quip would make sense were it to stand alone , but in the context of the situation has incorrect timing or relevance.

Erroneous Quipper: One whose quip makes little or no sense regardless of the timing, relevance, or context.

Left Field Quipper: One who very seldom quips, but comes through with one when unexpected, thereby surprising others.

Gutter Quipper: One who quips regularly but generally sticks to sexual or toilet humor.

Over the Head Quipper: One who quips, but with such depth and intellect as to not be understood by even the most well read quippers.

Auto-Chuckle Quipper: One who quips then immediately begins chuckling at his own quip, be it funny or not.

Dueling Quipper: One who directs a quip at a quipper with the sole intent of starting a quipping confrontation.


Blogger Dr. Metal said...

I know the perfect "Auto-Chuckle Quipper". Jay Leno. How awful is that guy?

I say that you are a Witty Quipper With Poor Spelling Skillz.

This list could no doubt continue to build. For now, though, I'm Out-Quipped.

7:31 PM  

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