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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Find the Point - Point the Find

What is the big deal about pointing at people? Why is it rude? If I need to identify a person to make a point during a conversation it seems perfectly reasonable to point at them. That's the most direct, efficient way to pick someone out of a crowd. Have you ever been insulted because someone had the audacity to point at you in public. I've never had someone sprint across a room to hit me like a line backer merely because I expanded a digit in their direction. Phalanges is a great word for the fingers. It's a pity we don't use it more often in our common speech. "Give them the phalange", "Got my phalange on the trigger", " How many phalanges am I holding up?". Another form of the word is phalanx which is a group of heavily armed infantry formed in ranks and files close and deep, with shields joined and long spears overlapping (According to Dictionary.com). I see the similarity, do you? Oftentimes I wonder if people see things the same way I do. I mean actually see. If I see an apple, not a pear apple, on a table does it look exactly the same to you? Surely you recognize it as an apple but maybe an apple looks to you what a pear looks like to me. I know, I know.... The visual spectrum of light that my eye receives from an object is the same as that which you receive - but my brain my process the information differently. Then again maybe yours does. Blue to me may be red to you although you'll say it's blue because in your mind red is blue even though it's only red to me - if I were to observe it with your brain using my brains definitions of colors. If you were in my brain you would see that country music does actually all sound the same and the heavy metal is today's most advanced form of music - technically speaking. How often does someone "technically speak"? I hear it all the time....... "Technically speaking it's fruit, not a vegetable." I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were fully accredited to speak on behalf of technology. You must have some sort of advanced degree or something. Or maybe you just saw a special on Discovery channel about tomato farming and know you'll walk around all day relaying those little tidbits of knowledge like you've always known them. Tell me all about how Atlantis possibly existed on the continent of Antarctica - even go so far as to describe the Reis map and how it correctly identified the coastline of Antarctica - which is currently under miles of ice. Wow, you must be a foremost expert on all things Atlantian... Or did you just read that article in Time magazine the other day. I'm a big fan of the 'exploding planet' theory nowadays. It basically says that there was a planet - very close to us, how close I am not sure - which contained a very advanced race of beings. These beings visited us as the various gods we have in our human folklore. Their planet is the most likely prospect for being Atlantis - even though it exploded instead of sank. Alan Alford has written profusely on the subject. I like it. Problem is there is ZERO astronomical evidence of such an exploded planet and the similarities of the gods throughout human civilization are not strong enough to denote a similar origin. Methinks, anyway. That leads us to the next logical conclusion - that the egg did indeed come before the chicken. Why you ask? Can you prove otherwise? I thought not, so let's move on. I find it hilarious that our world economy, military conflicts, political power, and religious strife is all centered on oil. It OIL for god's sake. It black gold.... Texas tea........ It's liquefied dead stuff.......... It smells, stains, ignites, and is an extreme health hazard. Let's get over this deification of oil and try something like moss. Moss is cool! Let's start a world wide dependency on moss..... "No Blood For Moss!"............ I can trade moss futures instead of oil futures on Wall Street... Moss...... Yeah!


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