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Monday, October 30, 2006

Atta boy... Shula!

Perhaps Shula read my open letter - monumentally unlikely!! I watched the game against the football powerhouse that is Florida International this weekend and was surprised to see some of the things I wrote about come to fruition..


Darby only had 10 carries. Now, of course, one could say the Shula was 'saving' his "star" running back for the next three games... But I think not. Other than 1 long gain and 1 or 2 medium yardage gains Darby did his usual hop, skip, and fall routine. The best run of the day came through a hole in the line the size of a Cadillac Escalade. I think Shula may be slowly.... creepingly... Shifting the running game away from Darby... I can dream at least.Castille did his normal battering ram runs - good for what it is.


Jimmy Johns had 9 carries with only 22 yards to show.. It's true... It's true... But, Johns got the most of the running calls during the second half when the Tide enjoyed a comfy lead and all the freshmen and 3rd stringers were in there. He was somewhat of a sacrificial back at that point.. I still say He Da Man. Did you see him taking the snap during that series after Wilson was shaken up?... Let him throw the ball as well... Why the hell not? Can he be that bad of a passer? But please..... Shula, Please........ Don't run a quarterback keeper 3 times in a row with Johns. Fool them once, fool them twice, the third time their gonna get him for a loss... And they did.. No shit!


Redzone offense was better but third downs are still ATROCIOUS!!!!! Of the 3 offensive touchdowns 2 came from short yardage passes - 9 and 6 yards.... See there Shula old pal... You can get short yardage gains without the old run it up the middle routine.. Short yardage 3rd down plays - 2 for 6 (the two converted were passes). 3rd downs ,in general, were ugly - 3 for 13 - aaaagh. But at least you are spreading the ball out in the air with 8 different players having a reception.. Good job.


Wilson. Not a bad outing for the youngster, 8 of 13 - and one of the incompletes in the hands of would've been a 20 yard+ td but apparently McCoy can't catch a ball thrown directly into his hands.... Not the real McCoy on Saturday. Great job on not letting Wilson throw down field!!! He only threw 1 ball past 25 yards and it was, surprise, underthrown. Luckily we got an interference call on it and got some yards anyhow. How many defensive pass interference calls were there on FIU? At least 5 I think - that shows that our receivers were getting open and beating the coverage.. Good job.


growing a pair of balls. Perhaps you have coach.. Perhaps you have. I sit here today honestly impressed at some of your calls. Sure, we were playing FIU and were never in danger of a come from behind routing.. But still... Good calls. Not only did you go for it on 4th down - but you did it 3 times. One the opponent 1 yard line - fuckin' A ,coach. 4th and 7, on the FIU 28 with 8 minutes to go in the 4th (up by 27 points) - you go for it on 4th - double fuckin' A, coach. Now that's some aggressive football - something Bowden would do - I like it... Keep it up. Just work on those 3rd down plays.

All in all I think my letter to Mike helped out.

Here's tips for this weeks match up:

Be overly aggressive.. Sylvester is begging for his first SEC win and they just may be hungry enough to fight for it. You need to whip our guys into a bloodthirtsy frenzy - we need a huge scoring, brutal hitting game to carry our team into the following 2 games. Facing LSU and Auburn after routing 2 teams would be perfect. Facing them after narrowly winning against Crooms' 8-23 record is like fighting Holyfield after barely winning a fight against Rick Allen (yes, the one armed drummer for Def Leppard) - no offence, Rick.


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