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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Shitload of toilets

You ever wonder why we use so many different names for groups of animals? I do... All the time.. I'm wondering it right now when I should be doing something "work" related at my desk. Nevertheless.....

Here are a few:

Army of frogs, Ambush of tigers, Bale of turtles, Band of jays, Bevy of quails, Bouquet of pheasants, Business of ferrets, Cete of badgers, Charm of finches, Clowder of cats, Clutch of chickens, Colony of gulls, Convocation of eagles, Covey of partridges, Crash of rhinos, Earth of foxes, Exaltation of larks, Family of sardines, Flamboyance of flamingos, Flight of doves, Gaggle of geese, Hover of jellyfish, Herd of antelope, Kennel of dogs, Kindle of kittens, Knot of toads, Leap of leopards, Mob of kangaroos, Murder of crows, Ostentation of peacocks, Parliament of owls, Pack of wolves, Paddling of ducks, Pitying of turtle doves, Pod of whales, Pride of lions, Rag of colts, Richness of martens, School of fish, Shrewdness of apes, Siege of herons, Sounder of boars, Skein of geese, Skulk of foxes, Sloth of bears, Stable of horses, Swarm of bees, Trip of goats, Troop of monkeys, Unkindness of ravens.

Strange... huh!? I have read that these names derived from people's perception of the animals based on their physical characteristics, behavior or mythology/folklore. Using this same methodology I've come up with the following names:

Mullet of rednecks, Jockstrap of ball players, Mirage of magicians, Rudeness of yankees, Avocado of Californians, Thrash of metal heads, Stench of hippies, Buffet of fat guys, Warrant of felons, Spatula of chefs, Chap of cowboys, Squirt of gigolos, Lay of whores, Coven of politicians, Pole of firemen, Brown of arabs, Razor of skinheads, Cream of lesbians, Whine of Democrats, Greed of Republicans, etc....


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