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Friday, November 03, 2006

Shit and Shinola

Yesterday someone had the unfortunate luck of saying to me that I did not know "shit from Shinola". My retort went something like this:

"Actually shit is a term derived from the old Norse 'skita'. It is commonly used to refer to feces which is a brownish by-product of digestion consisting of 75% bacteria and 25% water. Shinola, on the other hand had little to do with feces. It is a brand of U.S. shoe polish patented in the 1920's with a full line of high quality polishes, conditioners, and dressings. Shinola was also the sponsor of the highly popular radio show The Lincoln Highway."

Without this blog and the wealth of 'seemingly' useless information on the web I would not be armed with such gems. Thanks, Al Gore, for inventing the internet (sarcasm, of course).


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