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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bama horns

So all this Nick Saban / Bama stuff has fascinated me. I'm no huge Saban fan but I likethe guy ok. I don't think we shoulda paid that kind of bucks for him but so be it - the majority of the money comes from boosters anyway. Not like their stealing for the university system or anything. More on Saban later.

What really gets my grey matter flappin' is the hiring of Major Applewhite - not to be confused with Major Winterberry, the well known porn star from Vestavia. I'm assuming he'll be the Quarterbacks Coach since Pendry will most likely take the offensive coordinator spot. At first I thought.."Major Applewhite!?! I remember that guy.... good arm... smart quarterback.... played for Texas... SEVEN YEARS AGO!!!" What? This guy is only 28. So I immediately start doubting his credentials and prepare myself to start shaking my finger at Saban and saying "you fucked it up already". Then I take a good hard look at his record at Texas - actually all the passing records at Texas. I learned that of the 63 individual passing records for the Texas Longhorns Major Applewhite owns 33 of them. You simply cannot own stats like that and not be a total wizard with the football. They (whoever they is) say he helped develope a young Vince Young. You know that Heisman guy who's all the rage for winning the 2006 BCS and having a decent year in the NFL. Like Michael Vick - everyone's ready to jump on the Vince Young wagon. Oh yeah... he has a whopping 8 records at Texas.. and a few of them are for rushing.

Alright Major - Since you look cool giving the pitchforks (devil horns, metal horns.) I'll give you a chance.